CLC and Visionlink Partnership for Non-Congregate Care

For this health crisis and beyond, congregate and non-congregate sheltering options are important.  CLC Lodging has partnered with Visionlink to provide you access to a network of more than 45,000 hotels and specifically sourced hotels based on your requirements.  Hotel room management is now a linked capacity, one of many kinds of facility options.  There is also additional information about isolation rooms and other medical resources. CLC provides hotel contract negotiations, reservation services, audit & invoice management services and detailed reporting. Be sure your sheltering operation does not become a super spreader event.

Talk to our Sales Team

Talk to our Sales Team

Supporting the recovery of over 3,000 disasters - 1.2 million travelers trust America's disaster response lodging leader

Disaster Response Experts

Extensive expertise developed by more than 3,000 disaster responses and a unique set of capabilities designed specifically to support disaster response clients set CLC apart. CLC offers the advantage of providing innovative programs that cover the full spectrum of lodging services related to disaster recovery. For more than twenty years and through more than 3,000 disasters, CLC has supported the nation’s disaster response community with comprehensive lodging, reservation and reimbursement programs.

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response emergency program seeks, reserves and contracts lodging inventory for agencies sending emergency responders to disaster areas. Rapid Response administers the reservation process based on requirements from the ordering agency, with the same bill auditing options and contractual controls as the ELA program.

Emergency Lodging Assistance

Unique among the lodging industry, CLC offers emergency lodging programs for survivors of disasters. CLC serves as the central information and processing agent for lodging providers that house these survivors, using established audit and expense controls.

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