Key Features

Comprehensive Reporting

Optimize your lodging program with the capabilities to analyze every transaction and spending trend. Drill into the details you need to improve your lodging program and optimize your investment in travel.

Gain total insight into your lodging spend

Break down reports by dates, locations, divisions and projects

View hotel usage and reservation activity

Use reporting to improve expense management and project budgeting

Measure and control your direct and indirect costs with comprehensive, customizable reports

Analyze hotel costs by employees, project, market and division codes. Reduce the time spent on managing invoices and reservations.

  • Traveler and Reservation Activity Reports allow you to know who’s checking-in or due to check-out.
  • Accrual Reports ensure your accounts are in order with every detail accounted for.
  • Program Overview Reports highlight insights to optimize your programs — allowing you to track your progress and improve over time.

Saving customers

​$420 million ​

each year

Trusted by

1.2 million



$1.4 Billion

in purchasing power