CLC Network Membership Cards

Use the CLC CheckINN Card to empower your travelers to find and book hotel rooms in minutes.

Travelers use the membership card to book rooms online, by phone or in person - and to check in upon arrival

Control costs: membership cards can only be used for hotel room fees and taxes, and some approved incidentals.

Order traveler cards at no additional cost. Cardless reservations are available until cards arrive.

A comprehensive travel and hotel discount card for business travelers.

CheckINN Card FAQ


How many cards does a CheckINN Card member receive?

CheckINN Card members may order as many CheckINN Cards as they need. We recommend one per traveler. There is no charge for the cards. Additional cards may be ordered online via the portal, from the "Employees & Cards" page or by calling 1-866-857-9747


Can members use the CheckINN Card for vacations or personal travel?

The CheckINN Card from CLC Lodging is a business lodging solution for workforce travel only.


Can my employees bill incidentals to the CheckINN Card?

Based on your company policy, CLC offers the option for travelers to include incidentals on their CheckINN Card. Travel admins can contact Member Support at 1-866-860-6374 to activate the Incidentals Covered account setting.


Do employees of CLC clients have to carry a card?

No, traveler cards are not required. CLC offers many ways to book and save at participating hotels.

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Hotel room reservation. Book accommodations conveniently with CLC Lodging.
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Hotel room reservation. Book accommodations conveniently with CLC Lodging.
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