Going the Extra Mile: 11 Unique Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day for Traveling Crews

Mar 01, 2024 | Tips & Resources

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day for traveling crews can be a bit unique due to their mobile nature. That’s why we’ve rounded-up a few creative ways to help express gratitude, from personalized travel kits to virtual festivities, designed to recognize their dedication and elevate morale wherever they roam.

11 ideas to show employee appreciation tailored for your traveling crews:

Personalized Travel Kits: Provide personalized travel kits for each crew member, including essentials like water bottles, portable chargers, and travel-sized toiletries, along with handwritten notes expressing gratitude.   

Virtual Appreciation Event: Host a virtual appreciation event where crew members can join from wherever they are. Include fun activities and recognition ceremonies.        

Destination-themed Gifts: Gift each crew member something related to their next destination, like a local guidebook. It shows you’re tuned into their work and their interests.        

Flexible Time Off: Offer flexible time off or extended breaks for crew members to spend quality time with loved ones or explore the destination they're currently stationed in.        

 Peer Recognition Program: Implement a peer recognition program where crew members can nominate each other for exceptional work. Recognize these nominations publicly, perhaps through a company-wide newsletter or social media.        

 Travel Vouchers: Provide travel vouchers as a token of appreciation. This not only acknowledges their hard work but also encourages them to explore new destinations during their downtime.        

 Customized Thank You Notes: Have the management team or office staff write personalized thank you notes highlighting specific contributions and qualities of each crew member. These can be delivered digitally or physically.        

Recognition on Social Media: Showcase your appreciation for traveling crews on social media platforms, highlighting their dedication and showcasing the exciting places they visit. Encourage followers to join in by sharing their own messages of gratitude.        

Team Building Activities: Organize virtual team-building activities or games that can be enjoyed remotely. This fosters camaraderie among crew members despite the physical distance between them. Examples include: utilizing a program like Kahoot to host online trivia games; getting creative on Zoom to set up a virtual escape room; playing multiplayer games such as on Jackbox (a paid service); or keeping it simple with a virtual team lunch.        

Professional Development Opportunities: Offer professional development opportunities such as online courses, workshops, or certifications relevant to their roles or career aspirations. Investing in their growth demonstrates long-term commitment and appreciation.        

Family Appreciation Packages: Recognize the support of crew members' families by sending appreciation packages to their homes. Include thoughtful gifts for spouses, children, or pets along with a note expressing gratitude for their understanding and support during long periods of travel.

Remember, the key is to make these gestures thoughtful and personal, showing that you recognize and value the unique challenges and contributions of your traveling crews.

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