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4 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in a Travel Management Tool

Sep 22, 2021 | Tips & Resources

An ongoing issue within a business is the ability to manage your company’s travel needs effectively. For many, travel expense management is extremely difficult. Often there are not sufficient policies in place to deal with the many concerns that arise when trying to book hotel rooms and arrange stays.

More than ever, companies are turning to travel management tools like CLC Lodging to help navigate the travel world and streamline the process. As Deanna Irby with WS Construction put it, “With CLC, I spend 30 minutes to do what used to take me 10 hours.” If that sounds like an “aha” moment to you, keep reading to learn four reasons your company should consider a travel management tool.

Full-Service Lodging Management for Project Lodging

If you have spent any time with corporate travel management, you know all too well that it encompasses much more than simply booking a hotel room. There are many other factors to consider, including preferred amenities, location, budget, and safety. Then there are last-minute cancellations and room changes.

As Deanna mentioned earlier, all these factors can lead to hours spent dealing with complex travel issues. This is time that could be better spent focusing on running both the day-to-day and long-term aspects of your business.

With a travel management tool like CLC provides, you can outsource your lodging program and let our team of experts handle reservations, consolidate your billing, centralize your reporting system, all while adhering to your specific travel policies.

Extended-stay programs and long-term, complex projects are no longer an overwhelming issue thanks to our lodging experts and extensive hotel network.


Comprehensive Reporting

Travel can be a massive investment for your company. Where and how does it fit into your budget? Do you often find you are over budget and expenses keep adding up? The reality is, most companies do not fully optimize their travel expenses and savings, which means costs continue to rise.

To optimize your travel investment, you need to understand where you are spending and potentially losing money. CLC Lodging offers the ability to analyze every transaction your company makes utilizing travel and expense tools. This allows you to see your spending trends and optimize those trends to save money and stay within budget.

Our comprehensive reporting system offers complete customization to fit your company’s needs. See where both your direct and indirect costs are coming from by breaking down reports by dates, locations, divisions, and projects.


Centralized Lodging Platform

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an all-in-one lodging management system that allows you to book lodging, view reports, and manage travel on a centralized platform? That is precisely what our proprietary online lodging management system is.

You can securely access and manage your lodging from any device, wherever you are. Customize your hotel program so you see only those options that are important to your company. Having complete visibility and control over all your lodging tasks will be a gamechanger.


Duty of Care

Your travelers’ safety and well-being are your number one priority, and we take it extremely seriously as well. You can use CLC’s traveler activity mapping to search for travelers and to know exactly where they are staying in case of an emergency. Our Duty of Care tools also help prevent fraudulent activity and charges to personal traveler cards.

Take advantage of 24/7/365 traveler support for an extra layer of security and peace of mind. 

Using a travel management tool like CLC will save time, money, and quite a few headaches along the way. Companies such as Truesdell Corporation and Freije-RSC enjoy significant savings and more time to invest in other aspects of their business. In fact, Lindsi Devine with Freije-RSC says, “We’ve consistently saved 25-27% on lodging.” That savings can then be redirected to other areas of investment. 

Partner with CLC Lodging today to help streamline your business’s employee travel management.

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