5 ways to get the most out of your CLC account: Manager’s Edition

Nov 21, 2021 | Tips & Resources

If you’ve spent any time managing travel for your company, whether it’s a 2-person, week-long stay or a 30-person, month-long stay, you know that finding hotels, negotiating rates, and making reservations is difficult—and that’s before the trip even starts. Once your travelers are on the road, travel managers and administrators also have to consider employees’ safety, policy compliance, and what to do if travel is disrupted.

Members of CLC Lodging, America’s workforce lodging leader, gain access to solutions that dramatically simplify lodging programs to save travel managers and administrators time and money at every step.

Here are five ways to make the most of your CLC Lodging membership—or, five reasons to join the CLC network if you’re not a member yet.

1. Hotel rate savings
Our members saved $420 million in lodging costs last year by leveraging our industry-leading purchasing power. Our in-house team continually negotiates lodging costs to get our members consistently lower rates and is available to make project-specific negotiations for more complex lodging programs, including corporate housing.

2. Comprehensive reporting
Members can gain total insight into their lodging spend with CLC’s reporting and reconciliation capabilities. Our platform can analyze every transaction and spending trend and break down reports by dates, locations, divisions and projects. Use our reporting solutions to improve your expense management and project budgeting.

3. Virtual per diem
CLC’s virtual per diem option, the Trip Card, allows businesses to load a fixed amount of expense money onto a virtual card for employees to instantly use on business and travel-related costs. You can control spending categories, set dates for use, and more. See how easy it is and then login and assign your cards.

4. Travel policy compliance
CLC’s members can customize lodging directories to adhere to their exact travel policies, while finding reservations that fit their budget, proximity and accommodation requirements. Enforce controls for rate, location and amenities to offer your travelers the perks they need and prevent those they don’t.

5. Traveler Tracking
CLC’s Traveler Tracker reservation mapping feature quickly shows you where your employees are staying so you can assist them in case plans need to change. Our traveler support team is available 24/7/365 to assist with reservations, and our robust mobile app is available for travel support on the go.

What are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of these features today. Visit clclodging.com or log in to get started. 

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