Awesome Breakfast Hacks Every Hotel-Goer Should Know

Jul 05, 2020 | Tips & Resources

Sometimes, it’s just not convenient to eat three meals or more in a restaurant. Whether your travel budget is seriously stressed from too many employee dinners out, or your health prohibits the restaurant overload; it can be more comfortable (and feasible) to settle into your hotel room for some good food. The best bet for cutting costs when you’re on the road? Either bring or make your own breakfast. Your kitchenette confections will save not only money, but also unwanted calories you’ve been consuming–not to mention the many hours you previously spent sitting in the restaurant booth.

News flash: Not all hotels offer complimentary breakfast. Most hotels from the upper-midscale to luxury segments make you pay extra to get the most important meal of the day. Many people find an unpleasant surprise in these additional charges the first time they visit a upscale hotel for vacation, and frequent travelers might be tired of paying more for small portions and fancy ingredients. Our suggestion? Be prepared with these quick, inexpensive breakfast options so you can splurge later on lunch and dinner. We’ll gladly show you how!

1. A coffee pot is your best friend. Obviously, it makes the java juice that gets you through your day. What most people don’t consider, though, is that you can also make oatmeal in the carafe. How? According to WikiHow, Put two packets of instant oatmeal into the carafe. Add an individual packet of honey, an individual packet of fruit jam, and a pinch of salt. Pour 8-10 ounces of water into the coffee maker, turn on the machine, and the oatmeal will be ready in about 5 minutes.

2. Pack a Ziplock bag of granola with you. You can either stash individual yogurt cups in a cooler or grab some at a grocery store when you arrive. Mix and enjoy for a quick, healthy breakfast.

3. Make overnight oats. Here’s one for those of you who HATE COOKING. Another perk: you don’t have to clean the coffee pot to make the oatmeal recipe mentioned in #1. Just mix an equal part rolled oats, and water or yogurt in a jar and let stand in the fridge overnight. You can prepare these in your room or keep them cool on your way there.

4. Did you ever make eggs in a coffee mug in college? Please tell me I’m not the only one! If you have a real ceramic coffee cup (paper cups won’t work!), you can whip up a couple eggs and mic them for about a minute (45 seconds if you’re using a max heat appliance).

5. Protein bars galore–they’re trending for health-conscious travelers and athletes alike. There seems to be a protein bar for everyone, and the good ones pack enough nutrients to serve as an effective meal replacement.

We dare you to give some of these an old college try. What’s the worst that could happen? You might feel a little silly at first, but you’ll save money and get to chow down in the comfort of your room. When you’re the cook, you’re in control of your budget and and caloric intake–which puts you on the path to a guilt-free and fulfilling workday.

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