CLC Lodging Announces Rail Lodging Partnerships with Kansas City Southern

Apr 08, 2020 | News

WICHITA, Kan. — CLC Lodging, America’s workforce lodging leader, announced today that it has begun a rail lodging partnership with Kansas City Southern (KCS).

CLC Lodging offers the most comprehensive rail lodging program and traveler support in the industry. With more than 30 years of experience managing lodging for the top rail companies throughout the U.S., partnering with CLC Lodging was a natural fit for KCS Railway.

KCS sends employees across North America on a 3,400-route-mile network, so the company’s lodging logistics and billing can be incredibly complex. CLC Lodging is able to manage the ever-changing lodging needs of railway freight shipping and provide unparalleled support so that KCS can focus on its core business—safely transporting products across the US.

A few key highlights of CLC’s lodging management solution for KCS include:

  • Strategic sourcing and negotiating hotels meeting railroad expectations in terms of location, savings, and amenities.
  • Managing the ever-changing needs of railroad train crews, from hotel relationships and room management, to on-going training.
  • Utilizing CLC’s Real Time Lodging Solution (RTLS) platform to push pending train arrival data, estimated departure, and departure time change alerts to help hotels better manage guaranteed rooms, transportation, and housekeeping.
  • Providing timely, cost coded invoices with a comprehensive review of every charge to prevent unauthorized charges or inaccurate rates.
  • Maintaining insurance compliance for all hotels in the dedicated KCS hotel directory.
  • Customized reporting to monitor usage, spend, unused rooms, no shows, reservations, and savings.


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