CLC Lodging Unpacked: Checking-in is easy

Mar 30, 2021

Here’s the newest installment in CLC’s “Unpacked” series! In each of these blogs, we’ve explored some of CLC Lodging’s features and services that save our members time and money during the travel lodging management process. Here’s a look at the hotel check-in process for a CLC member.

1. Check in. CLC members can make reservations at two types of hotels: ones within the CLC Network, and hotels that are a part of CLC’s Expanded Network. The check-in process differs slightly between each.

●      CLC Network Hotel: If you’re staying at a CLC Network hotel and checking in using a CLC CheckINN Card, simply show your card at the front desk. If you are checking in with a digital CrewFax, tell the front desk you have a CLC CrewFax Reservation ID. 

●      Expanded Network Hotel: At CLC Expanded Network hotels, tell the hotel you have a credit card reservation on file, then share your reservation ID and a photo ID. CheckINN cards and CrewFaxes are not used to check in at Expanded Network hotels. 


2. If you need it, get real-time check-in support. If the hotel has trouble finding your reservation or you have another issue during check in, there are a few ways you can get help. Tap “Support” on CLC’s mobile app to access the support options.

Support options include:

●      My CLC Card is Declining: Use this option if your CLC card is declining. The app will help troubleshoot the issue and resend the card to the hotel.

●      Hotel Needs CrewFax resent: If the hotel can’t find your CrewFax reservation, you will have the option to resend the CrewFax reservation to the hotel.

●      Help Hotline: You can access CLC’s fast-response priority help desk by tapping “Help Hotline” if you are experiencing any issues during check in. Our lodging experts are available 24/7 to support travelers.

3. Provide a card for incidentals. Travelers will never pay the hotel directly for their stay, but may be asked to provide a separate credit card for incidentals only, and a form of ID. CheckINN Cards are used for hotel room fees and taxes, and some approved incidentals, depending on your travel program.

4. Enjoy your stay!

5. Check out. When it’s time to check out, the hotel will provide you a hotel receipt to validate your length of stay. The rate displayed on your receipt will not be accurate. You will always be billed the discounted rate provided by CLC.

6. CLC handles the billing. CLC Lodging will bill your total stay charges to your account to make reconciliation and reporting seamless. 100% of hotel invoices are audited by our team to make sure you are always getting the CLC Network member negotiated rate.

Don’t forget our 24/7 Traveler Support! Our lodging experts are here to help. Contact 1-888-545-9391 to speak with a CLC team member. 

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