Corporate Payment Solutions for Travel

Jan 14, 2022 | Tips & Resources

Gone are the old days of paying your business accounts and invoices with a check. Sure, that is still an option, but there is an ever-expanding variety of travel payment solutions and options that make checks outdated.

As new challenges in the travel industry rise, it is vital to your company’s financial well-being to select the right payment methods to meet your needs. Fortunately, innovative ideas combined with the latest technology means that corporate travel payment solutions are easier than ever before. 

In fact, CLC Lodging, a Corpay company, offers the perfect options to exceed your company’s expectations when it comes to travel payment needs.

Corporate Payment Solutions for Travel

CLC’s full suite of comprehensive expense management solutions allows you to control and streamline your travel and business payments. Those solutions include a centralized bill payment system, as well as both physical and virtual payment card options, depending on your requirements.

CLC Trip Card

Our virtual per diem solution is ideal for those travel managers seeking the most control over what their employees spend on travel expenses. When the virtual “card” is issued, a unique 16-digit number is created. Managers load a fixed amount of funds on the card, as well as set the time frame during which those funds must be spent or select from dates that match an existing reservation. Managers can also assign project codes and add one or multiple Trip Cards at one time. Once the set amount is spent or the expiration date passes, the virtual cards can no longer be used and the company can recapture any unused per diem.

Travelers are notified via text or email that their card is ready for use, giving them instant access to view the card on any device, including mobile phones. 

Purchasing Card

CLC also offers a more standard physical credit card to pay for business and travel expenses. It can be used to purchase everything from transportation, fuel, and meals to supplies and other incidentals. You can also use it to pay for your CLC bill.

Online Bill Pay

Our online bill pay system using Corpay One offers a wide range of expense management solutions under the umbrella of just one complete platform. These include everything from built-in bookkeeping to expense approval.

This system allows you to organize all invoices in one place without the time-consuming hassle of manual data entry. With paper checks becoming obsolete, you can easily make the move to modernize your bill payments for free.

CLC CheckINN Card

CLC is proud to offer our CheckINN Card, a card that enables your traveling employees to access a network of pre-negotiated hotels. This card helps control lodging costs, streamline your travel program, and give added insights that other travel programs don’t offer. The CheckINN Card is tied to your centralized lodging program with CLC and you only pay after your stay at CLC Network hotels.

Join CLC Lodging today to start taking advantage of our corporate travel payment solutions.

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