Corporate Lodging Solutions: Eliminate the hassle of pre-payments with CLC Lodging

Aug 29, 2019 | News

Gain a Competitive Edge:

Enable your travelers to walk-in and get a hotel room at a great rate. No researching, negotiating, and pre-payment necessary.  

Travel project needs for businesses can be unpredictable. Many companies have to send their teams to job locations at the last minute or arrange a stay unexpectedly.

In fact, 65% of the hotel bookings for our small and midsized business memberships happen on the same day as the hotel stay - many needing to walk-in and reserve their room for the night.

Companies with teams that travel need the flexibility to book hotel rooms and affordably stay wherever work takes them – without the hassle of upfront payment processing, reconciling credit card transactions from multiple people, or dealing with non-compliant stays.

How CLC Lodging eliminates the hassle of negotiating hotel rates and prepayment

Because so many businesses need to book same-day hotel rooms, they’re losing out on significant savings because they simply don’t have time to set up direct billing with the hotel or negotiate rates. They’re also introducing a lot of administrative headaches and potential burden on travelers.

With CLC Lodging, no matter where you’re headed, you’re covered by our network of pre-negotiated hotels. CLC eliminates the need for setting up direct billing and handles the hotel payment process for you. Pay after the stay -- cards associated with your account are charged -- the transactions are coded and consolidated for you, so no more sorting through credit card transactions.

Eliminate the need for employee credit cards

CLC Lodging handles hotel payments directly, so you never have to issue credit cards for room and tax to your company travelers when they book through the CLC Network. No need to worry about surprise charges unrelated to lodging.

Adhere to travel policies

Hotel parameters are arranged upfront so you don’t have to worry about non-compliant transactions or having to reconcile credit card statements from all of your travelers.

Book when and where you need.

Skip setting up direct bills with the hotel or negotiating rates – CLC Lodging has done the work for you so you know you’re always getting a great rate, no matter where you’re headed.

Reduce the risk of fraud.

Companies that are submitting payments to dozens of different hotels run the risk of potential fraud. We handle all of that so our customers only have to submit one payment to a single source.

Take advantage of CLC Lodging

CLC Lodging customers know that when they travel, they can rely on our pre-negotiated network of hotels to always find what they need, and that payment will already be set up.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can eliminate the hassle of pre-payments for your workforce lodging program. 

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