Famous Movie Hotels You Need to Visit Now

Jul 11, 2020 | Tips & Resources

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself, “I’d LOVE to be where they are!”? Most of us have, which is exactly why the director chose that set in the first place. The hotels that make it into movies usually stun the audience visually, setting the emotional tone of the scene. You’d be surprised to discover how many of these gorgeous places are still open, too!

We’re happy to say most of these are located within the US…so you’re running out of excuses not to take that summer road trip! Besides, time’s a ticking — it’s almost August!

11. The Timberline Lodge – featured in The Shining
Location: near Portland, OR
Why you should go: When not found in the context of a Steven King/Stanley Kubrick brain child, The Timberline Lodge is a peaceful resort. However, it can’t escape one freaky element that has nothing to do with Johnny:  Kubrick had to pick a nonexistent room number for scary scenes so that future guests wouldn’t be frightened away from staying there, but something unexpected happened. Room #217, although a myth, became the most sought-after part of the hotel by prospective lodgers.

10. Millennium Biltmore Hotel –  featured in (Feast your eyes on this list!) Chinatown, A Star is Born, Splash, Bachelor Party, Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, Dave, True Lies, Independence Day, Heartbreakers, Blow; The Fabulous Baker Boys, Ocean’s 11, The Nutty Professor, Bugsy, Blue Streak, In the Line of Fire, Wedding Crashers, The Italian Job, Daredevil, National Treasure, Spider-Man, Alien Nation, The Game, Prom Night, The Wedding Ringer
Location: LA
Why you should go: Take one look that the gorgeous murals and frescos inside the building, and you’ll get a brief glance into the Castilian heart of the city. The Millennium hosted JFK’s inaugural speech and also marks The Beatles’ lodging for their first US tour. According to the news, the sidewalks were so paparazzi-laden when the music group arrived that they had to be airlifted up to their rooms.

9. The Plaza Hotel  featured in North by NorthwestThe Great Gatsby, The Princess Diaries, Sleepless in Seattle, Scent of a Woman, and American Hustle
Location: NYC
Why you should go:  Before it was a hotel, this fancy 20-floor lodging place was a swanky skating rink called the Fifth Avenue Pond. Also, Eloise lived here in “a room on the tippy-top floor,” according to the classic children’s story.

8. Chateau Marmont – made cameo appearances in many classic movies, as well as the indie movie Somewhere.
Location: LA
Why you should go: Widely known as a hangout for bohemians in West Hollywood, the Chateau Marmont is not only where movies have been made, but where all kinds of trouble happens. Movie and music stars still party there, and the Eagles were inspired to write their most popular hit. Yep, Chateau is the famous “Hotel California.” Also: Legend has it some famous actors’ bones have been added to the infrastructure, that the walls have ears, and that the whole place is haunted. Save up a few bucks and see for yourself.

7. Hitching Post Hotel – featured in Fargo
Location: Forest Lake, Minnesota
Why should you go: Didya hear you can still stay in the hotel popularized by the Coen Brothers’ edgy comedy sensation, Fargo? If you’re a huge fan of the movie and have never made it all the way up to the Twin Cities (less than a half-hour away), that’s reason enough. You can see the photo evidence here.

6. The Fontainebleau – featured in Scarface and The Bodyguard
Location: Miami, FL
Why you should go: It’s been called the most luxurious hotel on Miami Beach, and it has plenty competition. Its gorgeous exterior has landed it on many notable lists, grabbing a spot on American Institute of Architect’s list, “America’s Favorite Architecture.” Of his design, the architect said: “If you create the stage setting and it’s grand, everyone who enters will play their part.” Wouldn’t you feel like taking a few humblebrag selfies if you were strolling around this hotel?

5. The Drake Hotel – featured in Carol, Risky Business, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Hero, and What Women Want
Location: Chicago, IL
Why you should go: Afternoon Tea has been the long-held traditional at The Drake. When we say tradition, we mean it: Guests like the Empress of Japan, Princess Di, and Queen Elizabeth II have been holding high tea there since 1840. If that doesn’t scream “black tie affair” enough for you, they also play harp from Wednesday to Sunday in the lobby.

4. Hotel del Coronado – featured in Some Like It Hot
Location: San Diego, CA
Why you should go: You can distinguish this hotel from other SoCal hotels because of its bright-red spires that beautifully contrast the cerulean waters of Southern California. Its founders wanted a scandalously lush hotel that would be the “talk of the Western World,” and they got it! This place creates the all-American, effervescent buzz of Some Like It Hot star, Marilyn Monroe. The building was named a Historic National Landmark in 1977.

3. The Empire Hotel – as seen in Vertigo
Location: NYC
Why you should go: Hello! One of Hitchcock’s most widely acclaimed films was created here, perhaps second only to Psycho. If classic film and television are not your faves, it’s important to note that the Empire hosted a few episodes of Gossip Girl, which increased their overall revenue ~10% shortly after. All press is good press, right?

2. Mountain Lake Lodge – featured in Dirty Dancing
Location: Pembroke, VA
Why you should go: The Blue Ridge Mountains are a can’t-miss attraction, and the Mountain Lake offers vantage points of Virginia’s best views. You can also attend Dirty Dancing weekends where dancing, food, and entertainment all comes in at a package price. Yes, that is a thing that actually happens. We can’t judge.

1. Park Hyatt – featured in Lost in Translation.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Why you should go: This isn’t like the Park Hyatt in the next big city down the road. This is Tokyo. Anyone say breathtaking views? Park offers two of these from a bathtub. You want food? You’ll get served the best Japanese and fusion food around. According to Time, the 187-room luxury hotel offers the best amenities in the area, including a 47th-floor swimming pool, Park Lounge, and lunch with a Mount Fuji view. We cannot stop looking at the pictures!

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