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How CLC Lodging Supports Disaster Response Crews with Emergency Lodging Services

Mar 26, 2024 | Tips & Resources
Two emergency response construction workers in hardhats and safety vests responding to a disaster recovery situation.

Natural disasters, including fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, are beginning to take place more often and with greater intensity. In the last year, the U.S. experienced 28 separate climate disaster events that each resulted in at least $1 billion in damages, totaling roughly $92.9 billion overall. This exceeded the previous record of 22 in 2020 according to a disaster report released from The NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

When disasters strike, employees and volunteers from disaster relief organizations have to be ready quickly to help the community begin to recover. These teams often receive very little notice before hitting the road, and it’s difficult for relief organizations to plan how many team members will need lodging — or how long they’ll need it for.

CLC Lodging, America’s workforce lodging leader, has the solutions and expertise necessary to support disaster relief organizations when emergencies take place. We’ve provided lodging services for emergency response clients in more than 5,000 disaster responses, including America’s largest emergency recovery volunteer organization and federal organizations.

When large-scale disasters occur, CLC Lodging can help source and secure short and long term emergency lodging as part of CLC Emergency Lodging Services.

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How does CLC Emergency Lodging Services work? 

  1. Customers make emergency lodging requests. When an emergency takes place that requires a large number of rooms, customers can make emergency lodging requests directly with CLC’s Emergency Lodging Solutions Team by phone, email, or through the dedicated online emergency services portal.

  2. CLC works with hotels. Our Emergency Lodging Services team works directly with hotels to source available room inventory that’s close to the disaster area and within your company’s budget. CLC has a network of more than 15,000 pre-negotiated hotel partners, plus an expanded network of thousands of additional hotels at discounted rates. In times of emergency, we also work beyond our existing network to secure lodging at any hotel, and can also offer temporary housing options.

  3. Lodging requests are booked automatically. Submitted requests are automatically booked by CLC if they’re aligned with the travel budget and proximity to the project area.

  4. Customers can adjust the reservation to fit their needs. CLC has the capability to quickly book lodging for both large and small, and scheduled or unscheduled, events. Customers can also submit cancellation or change requests through the Emergency Lodging Services portal.

Watch our on-demand webinar on disaster rapid response and restoration to see our Emergency Lodging experts cover industry trends and the solutions we provide to help overcome emergency lodging challenges.

More ways we support disaster response and relief crews with emergency lodging.

That’s not all. Here are a few additional ways that we support traveling teams when emergencies take place so that your team members can focus on providing emergency relief services.

  •  We make any reservation changes. We get it — changes happen all the time, especially in the case of emergencies. When your plans change, our dedicated CLC team works with you to make any necessary edits to the reservation, including adding rooms or nights.

  • 24/7/365 dedicated traveler support. Our reservation and lodging experts are available 24/7 to support travelers. If a traveler has trouble checking in or needs to modify their reservation, we can help.

  • Accurate, consolidated billing. CLC’s Emergency Lodging Solutions management portal provides centralized, consolidated invoicing and comprehensive dashboards and reporting. We audit every invoice to prevent errors and unauthorized charges, and users can find and review every hotel invoice in one place for faster reconciliation.

Which organizations are a good fit for Emergency Lodging Solutions?

Those responsible for managing travel for teams and crews responding to disasters or emergencies. Government agencies and traveling utility, tree-cutting, road, and rebuilding crews on the move are some of the typical businesses that need this type of lodging solution.

CLC Lodging is here to support you during emergencies.

When disasters occur, CLC Lodging is ready to help. Fill out the form today to speak to a consultant about our comprehensive lodging solutions and our Emergency Lodging Services.

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