How to: Tap & Pay with Virtual Cards

Jan 27, 2022 | Tips & Resources

Contact-free payments have increased in popularity over the past two years, and as travelers and retailers continue to prioritize hygiene and safety, it’s likely contactless payments will become more common. This touch-free payment method, also called “tap and pay,” helps travelers minimize physical contact with retailers and payment terminals.

What is tap and pay?

Tap and pay is a form of contactless payment. It’s faster than payments made with cash or with cards that require customers to enter a PIN code, and it’s a secure payment method. Tap and pay uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to transfer funds from your bank to a retailer. Although customers don’t have to enter a pin or provide a signature, these transactions use the same security that cards with PIN codes require.

Tap and pay is simple. You only need two things for it to work: a payment-enabled mobile device and a contactless-enabled payment terminal.

Here’s how to add a virtual card, like the CLC Trip Card, to your Apple Wallet.

1. Go to the wallet app on your iPhone. Tap the + button.

2. Tap debit or credit card.

3. Tap continue.

4. Follow the steps on your phone screen to finish adding your card.

5. Confirm your information with your bank or card issuer.

Here’s how to pay using your Apple Wallet.

1. Look to see if the payment terminal can take contactless payments. If the payment terminal can take contactless payments, this symbol will be somewhere on, above, or below the screen. 

2. Use your phone to pay by going to the wallet app and tapping the card you want to use to pay.

3. Place the back side of your mobile device on the checkout terminal. If this does not trigger your payment, you can double tap the side of your phone.

4. You will be prompted to confirm your purchase with your face ID, touch ID or your PIN before you pay.

5. Your payment will be processed in seconds.

CLC members can send their employees the CLC Trip Card, a virtual credit card. Travelers can use a Trip Card to easily cover expenses for a trip such as gas, food, and repairs within a specified timeframe. With virtual Trip Cards, your company recaptures any unused spend, making virtual cards an excellent payment choice for businesses trying to keep travel costs under control.  

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