How to Make an Extended Stay Hotel Feel Like Home

Oct 13, 2021 | Tips & Resources

If you’ll be spending your next business trip at an extended stay hotel, count yourself lucky. These accommodations are designed to keep you comfortable while spending long stretches away from home. Still, you may find yourself getting homesick, no matter how nice the hotel is. Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true ways of making your extended stay suite more homelike.  

Pack Your Pillow

Productivity and getting a good night’s sleep are absolutely connected. If you have back and neck issues and you know that your pillow at home helps keep you comfortable, consider taking it with you on your trip. The same holds true for pack-able exercise equipment or over-the-counter remedies that can help you manage aches and pains.

Bring Other Home Comforts

Consider bringing some other familiar items with you as your preferred brands may not be available where you are going. For example, if you have a favorite snack, stash some in your luggage before you leave home. The same goes for the clothing you most enjoy relaxing in: Sweats, an old t-shirt, loafers.  .  . make the most of your down time by being as comfortable as possible. If you enjoy music, bring a bluetooth speaker with you so that you can play your favorite tunes while unwinding in your room.  

Stock Your Kitchen

Extended stay hotels typically have in-suite kitchens that allow you to prepare your own meals and snacks. Contact the hotel ahead of time and ask if they have a grocery shopping service: Many do. You can either provide the hotel with a list of items or work with their preferred delivery service to ensure that your favorite foods and beverages are waiting for you when you walk into your room.

Unpack & Tidy Before You Unwind

This tip can be the most difficult, particularly if you’ve had a long day of travel. Still, it is probably the most important thing that you can do to help make your experience a good one:

1. When you get into your room, look around. Ensure that the room is clean and that you have what you need, including the coffee maker, toiletries (if you haven’t brought your own), and any groceries that you pre-ordered. Check the lights and the electrical outlets to make sure that they work. If anything is awry, contact the front desk

2. Tuck away brochures left by the hotel staff. You don’t have these items in your home, why have them obviously visible in your room?

3. Arrange your personal items to your satisfaction: Place your pillow on the bed (or tuck the hotel pillow into your pillowcase), set up your toiletries in the bathroom, and plug in your laptop on the desk or table. Unpack your bags and arrange your clothing, shoes, boots, and gear so that it is out of sight (in a closet or dresser drawer) but easy to access.

Living in an extended stay hotel for business travel can be hard on your traveling teams. Taking charge of your living space is one of the best ways of making your time away as comfortable and productive as possible. CLC Lodging can help you, and your team, get the most out of your travel lodging. Get in touch with us today.


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