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How to Stay Well When You're Traveling

Dec 10, 2020 | Tips & Resources

Getting sick is no fun no matter where you are, but feeling downright rough when you’re far from the comfort of your home is one of the worst possible scenarios. Unfortunately, the travel maladies we’re talking about are so common that we guarantee you’ve dealt with them if you’ve ever gone anywhere outside your back yard.

Although we hate to admit it, traveling bombards us with too much unfamiliarity at once–the sights, the sounds, the foods, the sleep patterns, and the time zone changes–so we’re bound to become ill if too many variables go awry. Here are the most relevant travel complaints and how to fight them. Stay well this holiday season!

  • Stop your bellyachin’— From heartburn to travelers’ diarrhea, stomach issues aren’t a one size fits all kind of deal; but they all seem to crop up out of nowhere and wreck your trip. The best antidote all depends on the type of stomach yucks you’ve gotten, but all of us could benefit by moderating our dietary habits on the road. Eating too much (or many fatty, hard-to-digest foods) makes us susceptible to stomach pain and a host of other unmentionables. If you have an allergy or food intolerance of any kind, avoid those verboten foods with extra diligence for at least two days before a trip. When you’ve already gotten down with the sickness, we suggest taking ginger supplements: Gin Gins taste like ginger snaps but contain zero artificial flavors or sugars. Probiotic capsules or kombucha will help if your gut bacteria are off balance.
  • Lobster face–If you’ve been enjoying the outdoors for too long, don’t be surprised if you’re met with warm weather’s most unwelcome visitor–sunburn. You’ve damaged your skin, so add as much moisture back as you can. Applying chilled lotion or aloe vera does the trick. For severe sunburn, soothe the area with an ice pack (or a pack of frozen vegetables) and dab on some antibiotic like Neosporin.
  • All in your head–Sometimes other people realize you have a headache before your own symptoms show up. You might act grouchy, start holding your head with your hand, or rubbing your temples.  A few ways to fight headaches off? Try these: a) Drink water–b) Keep up your usual caffeine intake and c) Sleep well.
  • Going with the motions–You may have realized you were motion sensitive as a child when you were getting dizzy on playground equipment. Or maybe riding with certain aggressive drivers triggers your malaise. If you’re only slightly queasy at the beginning of a big trip, look straight ahead and focus on a certain point: Think of a racehorse with blinders. When you’re already feeling super sick, take some ginger, activated charcoal, or even Dramamine to keep the churning stomach at bay.
  • Itching for relief–Can you enjoy a hike without anticipating little red bumps afterward? About 85% of the population is allergic to poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, with about 15% being dangerously allergic. If you’re planning an outdoor excursion, always wear long pants and socks. They provide you a double layer against the offending plants. Those who are already sporting itchy welts should try this clear, effective anti-itch gel.
  • Smooth sailing–Did you know that a significant number of  illnesses coincide with stress or anxiety? In fact, a recent UK study shows that a surprising 35% of sick notes cite mild to moderate cases of stress or depression. Stress depletes your immunity to disease when you need it the most–during travel.
    Yes, so many things can go wrong during a trip. You can take an incorrect turn and get lost or board a train or bus with unpleasant people or forget where you parked your car. However, there’s no reason to stay in a hotel that doesn’t meet your needs and then sends your company an inaccurate bill weeks after it’s due. Get your travel planning peace of mind back with the lodging experts at Creative Lodging Solutions!

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