Intro to Kitchenette Cooking

Sep 11, 2020 | Tips & Resources

Hello! As we showed you in our breakfast blog, we’re all about helping you save money. We already do our part with negotiated rates and additional savings ops, but we don’t want to stop there. Travelers are dishing out big bucks on pricey restaurant meals, but there are some easy solutions that save up to 50% on food costs.

We’re really excited about sharing our culinary knowledge because–let’s face it–We all love food. Although not all of us love to prepare food, we could afford to travel much more frequently if we put in a few minutes of work in the kitchen. This doesn’t mean whipping up the Canard à l’Orange; you can make delicious, easy, affordable meals in a smaller kitchen. You just needed a little nudge and some helpful knowledge.

Before you get started, we’ll let you know what standard amenities most hotels offer for all the traveling chefs out there, so you can pack accordingly.

What you’re working with:

Most hotel kitchenettes offer these features– fridge, stove-top, microwave, and dishwasher

What you need–Ideas for quick, few-ingredient meals that are actually fun to prepare and a few basic tools. What tools do you need?

Flatware and eating dishes–Because it’s impolite to eat with your hands.

A cutting board–To chop meat and veggies for your concoctions.

A large pot, a small pot, and a skillet–Think the large pot for boiling pasta, the small pot for steaming veggies or making sauces, and the skillet for almost everything else. You can bring your cast-iron if you don’t mind some heavy lifting. 

Two knives–Make sure they’re sharp! Studies show that a sharper knife reduces the actual number of cuts needed, ergo your risk level.

Mixing bowls–For making salads, tossing meat in marinade, or whipping up a cake batter.

Measuring cups and spoons–If you’ve ever tasted baked goods with too much baking soda, you’ll understand the importance of this.

Can opener–One of the best convenience inventions of all time. You disagree? Try making it a week without one.

A baking sheet–Just in case you get the sudden urge to oven roast veggies or make cookies.

Food storage containers–You don’t want to throw out those leftovers! Opt for BPA-free plastic, silicone, or glass. Avoid all plastics labeled ‘6’ on the bottom.

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