Prepare for April 8’s Total Solar Eclipse: Essential Tips for Travel Managers

Mar 26, 2024 | Tips & Resources

With between one and four million people expected to travel to the path of totality for April 8’s Total Solar Eclipse, we want to do everything we can to help you prepare in advance and avoid the worst of the traffic.

Familiarize yourself with the eclipse path

Familiarize yourself with the major highways and roads that could be impacted, and use navigation apps to check real-time traffic updates and plan alternative routes on the go.

Great American Eclipse expects Texas to see the greatest influx of visitors followed by Indiana, Ohio, New York, Arkansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Oklahoma, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Some of the heaviest traffic is anticipated from cities near the path of totality like San Antonio, Houston, Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, and Pittsburgh.

We recommend staying informed about road closures, detours, and other traffic-related updates leading up to the eclipse. Follow local news channels, traffic reports, and social media channels for the latest information. Being aware of potential roadblocks ahead of time can help you plan your travel route more effectively.

Consider traveling outside of peak times

Traffic is expected to be heaviest on the day of the eclipse, especially during the hours leading up to the event. Consider adjusting your travel schedule to avoid peak times. Leave early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize the risk of getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic—or if you can delay traveling through the impacted areas in the days before and after the eclipse, we recommend doing so.

Make sure you have proper eye protection and essential supplies

If you are traveling through the path of totality, make sure you have certified eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers on hand to safely observe the event.

Prepare for the worst-case with long hours on the road by packing essential items such as water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and emergency supplies. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and fully fueled. Being prepared for unexpected delays or emergencies can help make your journey smoother and more comfortable.

Plan your lodging in advance

During the Total Solar Eclipse, rooms are expected to be scarce in the impacted area because of the influx of travelers. If you expect to have travelers on the road at that time and they will need lodging in the path of totality, please contact us as soon as possible to secure availability.

Here are a few tips to make travel as smooth as possible: 

  • Book ahead. The best way to ensure that you’ll have a place to stay? Book ahead.
  • Be prepared to spend more. In addition to rising occupancy rates and hotel room prices, markets in the path of totality in the United States will see spikes in occupancy and prices due to tourism. Travel managers and administrators may need to raise their maximum caps for travelers to meet the higher prices in popular markets.
  • Check in early. Make travel smoother by calling the hotel the day before your planned check-in to decrease your chances of being walked. If you’re running late on the day that you’re scheduled to check in, call the hotel and let them know what time you’re planning to arrive. If the hotel overbooked, the front desk manager may be able to rebook you at another hotel nearby. If you know you’ll be arriving late at the time of booking, use CLC’s new Late Arrival Notification feature - which allows you to add a note to let the hotel know.

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