Reduce Burnout & Improve Construction Productivity

Jan 17, 2022 | Tips & Resources

How to Increase Productivity and Reduce Burnout for Your Construction Team

Burnout is real in the construction industry. Over time, the performance of even good workers can decline. Not only is this bad for the workers, but it can also hurt your company’s bottom line. Understanding the causes of burnout, as well as adjusting your processes can improve morale and increase construction productivity.

Prioritize Employee Safety and Training

Take time to train new employees and make sure that even seasoned veterans have access to updated training as they move forward in their careers. Safety is every employer’s number one priority, so it’s important to develop processes that keep your workers safe. Injured crew members can’t work, safety protocols improve the construction site efficiency.

Running a construction site isn’t easy, so it is your responsibility to give your team members what they need to succeed. While crew supervisors should receive updated training in safety regulations, protocols, and policies, this alone is not enough. On-site supervisors should be supported by company ownership and management to enforce guidelines and remain in compliance with established safety measures.

Reduce Non-Productive Tasks

It is estimated that the average construction employee spends about 14 hours a week on non-productive tasks. This is time that could be spent creating value for your company. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce reports that 90% of employees within the industry believe that it is inefficient, with losses reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

By streamlining non-essential tasks and reducing paperwork, your crews will be able to focus on their main jobs. Not only will this make your crewmembers more productive, but it can also improve morale.

Maintain and Update Equipment

Just as you need to care for the well-being and safety of your employees, you should also maintain your equipment. Your team should be checking equipment regularly to ensure that it is in good working order. In addition, update equipment as necessary: newer equipment may perform better and offer a greater level of safety.

How a Robust Travel Management Program Can Help

CLC Lodging’s travel management services can help you achieve safer, happier, more productive worksites. Here’s how:

Reducing Paperwork

Our systems include dedicated travel payment solutions, a mobile app that allows for easy hotel search and booking, and automated, centralized expense reporting and tracking. Teams in the field and at your home office can reduce the stress of researching and booking travel options along with the work of compiling invoices and processing expense reports.

Ensuring Safe, Appropriate Accommodations for Your Teams

Crew members need a good night’s sleep to remain alert and safe while working. Our staff has researched our network of hotels, allowing you to pre-book accommodations that meet your worker’s needs. Our 24/7 traveler support is always available and our duty of care Traveler Tracker reservation mapping solution allows you to quickly locate travelers in case of an emergency.

Increasing Profits That can be Reinvested in Your Business

We negotiate discounted rates for hotel stays, saving you money. You’ll also save money as our team takes administrative tasks off your hands, allowing your employees to focus on your main business. The money you save can be reinvested in equipment purchases and maintenance, along with enhanced safety training for your managers.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how CLC Lodging can help you grow your construction business.


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