T&E Game Changer: CLC’s Virtual Per Diem Card for Travelers

Apr 03, 2021 | News

Finding easy ways to make purchases is an essential part of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contactless payments, including tap-to-pay credit cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, give consumers a fast, secure, and safe payment method. Travelers can avoid handling cash or touching a pin pad when using these options.

The Shift Toward Contactless Payments

Over the past year, travelers have started to take advantage of contact-free payment options more and more as a way to increase their safety. More than half of Americans now use some form of contactless payment, according to Mastercard Contactless Consumer Polling, and we predict that the use of contactless payments will continue to rise.

Introducing the CLC Trip Card

The Trip Card, CLC’s virtual per diem option, is one of our newest comprehensive expense management solutions for businesses with teams that travel. The Trip Card, in partnership with Comdata, helps travelers avoid touching unnecessary surfaces, and makes paying for travel-related expenses easier than ever.

Per diem, an allowance given by employers to travelers for lodging, food, and other travel-related expenses, helps companies minimize reimbursement hassles and control costs by streamlining business payments. With per diem, travelers don’t have to bear the costs of using their own spending money for travel-related expenses.

Here’s how the CLC Trip Card works.

1. Issue virtual cards on the CLC website

Employers can issue individual or multiple virtual CLC Trip Cards for crews at once and activate the cards for specific dates or link to existing reservation dates. Employers set the spending limits and assign project codes for expense tracking.

2. Start spending instantly

Travelers immediately receive a notification to view their virtual, contactless CLC Trip Card from any device with the option to add the card to their Apple Mobile Wallet.

3. Track expenses and savings

Recapture any unused per diem, control where employees spend their funds, and seamlessly track expenses with assigned project codes.

Simplify your travel payments and support your travelers with CLC’s virtual per diem option. Read more about the new CLC Trip Card for your traveling teams. 

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