8 Tips for an Easy Hotel Check-in and Checkout Experience

Mar 01, 2023 | Tips & Resources

Seasoned business travelers know the best way to have a hassle-free hotel experience is to prep ahead of time for your stay. It starts with booking your trip and ends once you leave your hotel. Here are some steps you can take to make your hotel check-in and checkout a seamless experience.

Download the CLC mobile app

The CLC mobile app is a must-have to download for easy reservation booking, reservation management, and check-in support. If the hotel needs assistance during your check-in, there are a few ways you can get help. Tap “Support” on CLC’s mobile app to access the support options. They include: CLC card is declining, hotel needs CrewFax resent, and the Help Hotline available 24/7!

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Arrive mid-week
When possible, avoid starting your trip on a Tuesday — this tends to be the busiest day for hotel arrivals.

CLC members can make reservations at two types of hotels: ones within the CLC Network, and hotels that are a part of CLC’s Expanded Network. The check-in process differs slightly between each.

  • CLC Network Hotel: If you’re staying at a CLC Network hotel and checking in using a CLC CheckINN Card, simply show your card at the front desk. If you are checking in with a digital CrewFax (cardless reservation), tell the front desk you have a CLC CrewFax Reservation ID.
  • Expanded Network Hotel: At CLC Expanded Network hotels, simply share your reservation ID and a photo ID. CheckINN cards and CrewFaxes are not used to check in at Expanded Network hotels.

Confirm your reservation
Checking in earlier in the day may decrease your chances of being walked if a hotel overbooked. If you think you’ll be late to check-in, call the hotel and let them know the time you are planning on checking in. If the hotel is overbooked, the front desk manager may be able to book you at a nearby hotel before you even arrive at your original reservation.

What to do when it’s time to check out of a hotel.

Late checkout
Try to let the reception desk know in advance that you are requesting a late checkout. Many hotels will gladly comply and let you check out an hour later. However, if you let them know an hour before check out, they may already have your room booked for someone else, and it will need to be cleaned immediately by hotel staff for the next guest.

Do a room sweep
Checking out of your hotel can be a hectic time. Conduct a thorough walk-through of your room before leaving, including under and in the bed, the shower, dresser drawers, closets, and charger outlets. Be sure to leave a tip for housekeeping—not only will they appreciate the gesture, but if you leave anything behind they are more likely to turn it into management.

Review hotel charges
Many hotels will either email you your itemized receipt, or slip a copy under your hotel door the morning of your checkout. Closely review those final charges. If you purchased something from the hotel during your stay—an in-room movie, minibar snacks, room service—make sure they are correct. Mistakes and double charging happen more commonly than you think. Be sure to stop by the front desk if you spot anything amiss.

Remember, if you book through CLC you will always be billed the discounted rate provided by CLC. The hotel rate displayed on your receipt will not be accurate. CLC Lodging will bill your total stay charges to your account to make reconciliation and reporting seamless. 100 percent of hotel invoices are audited by our team to make sure you are always getting the CLC Network member negotiated rate.

Leaving with no goodbye
Many travelers are in a rush to check out of their hotel in the mornings, either to make it to the airport on time, or another time-pressed event. If there’s a long line at checkout, this could set you off schedule. As long as you’re satisfied your bill is correct, you can call down to reception and ask if you can leave the keys in the hotel room when you vacate.

Luggage hotel hold
If you’re checking out in the morning, but still have a full day of work before traveling home, you don’t want the hassle of carrying your luggage around for hours. Ask reception ahead of time if they can hold your bags for you. Most hotels will have a secure room in which they can store guests’ luggage before check-in or after checkout. This can be a free service or there may be a charge, so be sure to ask! 

CLC Lodging offers comprehensive business travel management services to businesses of any size. These services include pre-negotiated room discounts, streamlined booking and payment options, assistance with travel policy adherence, and technology that can help ensure the safety and well-being of team members.  Become a member!

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