How to Make the Most of Your Travel Investment

Sep 18, 2019 | Tips & Resources

Managing your traveling workforce’s lodging can be complicated and time-consuming. From researching locations and amenities, negotiating with hotels, managing reservation changes and supporting travelers, to collecting and auditing invoices, it’s easy to lose track of both time and money.

Read the full whitepaper on uncovering hidden lodging costs.

We’ve identified some factors that contribute to direct and indirect hidden costs. Here are three that may be causing you to overpay for workforce lodging:

1. The administrative burden of hotel invoice auditing.

Regular auditing is extremely important, but many companies don’t have the administrative resources to audit their hotel invoices, which can lead to hidden lodging costs. We commonly find hotel invoices errors, and according to the GBTA Foundation, only 6% of company travel managers audit their negotiated hotel contract information monthly, and only 4% perform weekly audits.

When a discrepancy exists, companies that don’t double check expenditures pay 14% more on average than what was originally negotiated, meaning it’s possible for businesses to overpay by thousands of dollars each year.

2. A disorganized booking and reconciliation process.

Companies will often let employees book their own hotels, with direction to book on price, then convenience, but they may not always follow this guidance. Also, when employees arrange travel individually on a personal company card, accounting has to process hundreds of invoices and errors, and other unpredictable costs that come with independent booking. This inefficient process makes planning and budgeting nearly impossible.

3. Not enough resources or expertise to manage unpredictable lodging needs.

Project schedules can be irregular, and it’s hard to predict how many employees will need to travel, how long they will need to travel, and where they are going. These complicated bookings can tax resources, especially because each project requires a new round of hotel negotiations by the in-house lodging team. Most in-house teams don’t have the resources or expertise to get the optimal savings, locations, or flexibility.

How CLC Lodging can help

At CLC Lodging, America’s leading negotiator of workforce lodging rates for businesses, we work to save your business time and money. We audit 100% of hotel invoices, whether your business books 5 or 250,000 rooms per month, and check them against the negotiated contract rate before you ever get the bill. CLC Lodging also streamlines your booking and reconciliation process by keeping all travel in one place with the travel policy adherence your company requires. Now, businesses have complete visibility into past, present, and future stays, along with comprehensive, coded invoicing for more accurate reconciliation.

Read the full whitepaper on uncovering hidden lodging costs.

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