What does CLC Lodging do for me?

Oct 26, 2023 | News
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Travel is a key function of many business strategies. Whether you manage large construction teams or are an independent traveling nurse, a trucker racking up miles or a salesperson traveling between cities, it is impossible to avoid the sometimes messy logistics of travel.

Whether travel is a key function of your operations or one avenue for growth, we understand workforce and business travel presents many roadblocks, literally and figuratively. That’s why we work to create travel solutions fit to scale.

Our core mission is to make travel simple for workforce and business travelers and provide cost-saving tools that help you grow your business and maximize profits. But what exactly does that look like?

The ROI of Business Travel

Travel is tricky. First there’s figuring out accommodation, then transportation, then food. And that’s just the basics. You also need to make sure everything lines up and hope nothing goes wrong. If you’re a travel manager, you’ll need to map this out for every member of the team.

Let’s break down the cost:

Local transportation and other incidentals withstanding, if you are flying, this amounts to $1,313.10 for the average business trip, and companies spend an average of $111.7 billion on business travel every year.

So what do businesses get for all the hassle and cost? Besides the known benefits of business travel (such as improved relations with clients or coworkers, or acquiring new knowledge and skills) businesses see $387 billion in annual revenue for U.S. travelers.

Businesses can earn a profit of $2.90 for every $1 spent on travel, so there’s a reason for racking up all these miles. Travel propels growth for businesses of any size.

The ROI of CLC Lodging

With all the moving parts, it’s clear travel is complicated. That’s why workers who travel and travel managers often opt to utilize travel management platforms. These platforms can save time, cut costs, and simplify the travel experience. The right platform can crank up the profits realized from business travel.

However, not all travel management platforms are the same. CLC Lodging provides travelers and travel managers with an easy-to-use hotel booking platform that comes with a full suite of functions designed for all kinds of workforce travel.

Save on Lodging

The largest expense for business travelers is lodging, accounting for 34% of the business travel budget. Lucky for you, providing savings on hotel rates is our speciality. CLC Lodging offers travelers deep discounts on stays at thousands of hotels across North America. But how?

CLC Lodging is backed by the purchasing power of Corpay’s Lodging Division, which collectively books more than one hotel room every second. Yes, you read that right. There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year, and Corpay lodging brands booked more than 37 million hotel room night stays last year, making our partnership with hotels and travelers advantageous for all parties. It’s no wonder 1.2 million travelers rely on CLC!

Eliminate Fees

Extra hotel and booking fees can average $42 per night. Using our example above, this is about 25% of the average hotel room rate. It’s no wonder that the average business trip can cost $949 in travel fees.

While other travel platforms like to do this thing where they tell you one price just to randomly tack on more fees right before booking or check out, CLC Lodging eliminates these hidden fees. You won’t have to worry about sign-up fees, minimum usage fees, or annual fees.

More than that, we understand there’s a lot of variables in workforce travel. So we’ve built several features with flexibility in mind. We provide flexible cancellation policies and no pre-payments for CLC Network Hotels, and we can make reservations for your long-term projects.

Reclaim Your Time

Imagine you have a free 20 minutes. What are you going to do? A lot can happen in that time frame, especially for your business. But instead, you’re probably spending it on reconciling expense reports.

Yes, that’s right. The average time it takes to complete and correct just one expense report is 20 minutes and costs you $58. Now multiply that by how many reports you have waiting for you.

With CLC Lodging, you can reclaim that time wasted because our comprehensive reporting provides detailed, consolidated reports for all of your travelers in one, easy-to-use portal. Our payment solutions allow you to provide per diem in an instant and gain total insight in your lodging spend.

The Bottom Line

Our solutions help you find lower hotel rates, provide best-in-class payment options, and streamline complex expense reporting. With that said, we know when you make travel your business, almost nothing is a guarantee.

When you join CLC Lodging, you not only gain access to all these features, you also gain access to experienced reservation and lodging experts who are available 24/7 to support every aspect of your lodging program.

If you need help before, during, or after your stay, we’re here to provide it. Plus, our experts and data-driven insights help you make the best lodging decisions for your business.

Your business is going places, and we can help you get there. Sign up for free today to get started.

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