Meet Yogie Potter, Director of Hotel Network Operations

Oct 14, 2022 | News

We’re so excited to feature Yogie Potter, director of Hotel Network Operations, in our latest CLC Lodging Employee Spotlight! Yogie started her position with CLC over four years ago. Her years of experience working in the lodging industry have given her tools that help her to be great at her job, a role that includes strengthening our important relationships with our Hotel Partners and helping to guide our partners through the good times and the bad (most recently, COVID-19).

Yogie spoke about what she loves about her role (you might even get to hear about her favorite hotel partner!) and gave us a sneak peek into an exciting upcoming project: our improved Hotel Web Portal.

What do you love most about your job?

There are many reasons why I love my job, so I’ll keep it to just a few!

I think that my previous 30+ years of professional experiences have prepared me for my current role at CLC. I feel fortunate to have incredible leaders who taught me to strategize, implement, prioritize, and develop processes at CLC. 

I love my team—the uniqueness and talent each person brings truly makes it a special team. I enjoy working with my colleagues, learning from our leadership, and collaborating with representatives from management companies and hotel brands.

What does a typical day at CLC look like for you?

CLC is a fast-paced environment, so each day is different and goes by quickly. I may come with a plan in mind and when I walk in the door, the plans change. My day may be spent on the phone with hoteliers, training/educating, problem solving, working on projects, or speaking to my team. Usually it’s a combination of all of these!

What is something that you’ve learned while working at CLC?

I’ve learned a few things while working here. First, have a plan but be flexible to change. Second, in order to be an effective leader I have to serve, which includes taking time to ask for feedback, trusting and respecting my teammates, and being consistent.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is broken down in two areas: first, being open to opportunities which will help me progress and learn at least one new thing daily; and two, truly being happy with my career.

How do you motivate yourself at work?

There are days where motivating myself is easy and days when it’s hard. I make sure to have a purpose each day and I try to keep in sight what needs to be accomplished. I truly motivate myself by just doing it — and I do the difficult tasks first to get them done.           

What is something that your team is working on that you are excited about?

We are extremely excited about our upcoming hotel portal update! 

This project has been on our radar for quite some time and our teams are working hard to bring it to life. Pretty soon, we will launch our new hotel partner portal that’s easier to use and more intuitive for hotel staff. Faster check-ins and all the information at-a-glance…it is going to be a game changer for our members and our hotel partners!

What’s something about you that people may not know?

I love to dance! Several years ago, I was a single parent and relocated to Virginia Beach with my daughter. We were new to the area, so I looked for ways to make new friends. I found a ballroom dance studio and decided to sign up for classes. I fell in love with classes and took private lessons. 

Before long, I learned the Viennese Waltz. This dance is the oldest dance in ballroom and is faster than a traditional waltz. I was encouraged to enter a competition… and my dance partner and I placed 2nd in the Viennese Waltz!   

Who is your favorite hotel partner?

Really? You know I can’t say that. They’re all my favorite.

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