6 New CLC Features Added This Year

Jun 30, 2023 | News
6 New CLC Lodging features. Enhanced solutions for business travel.

At CLC, our members are at the core of every business decision we make - which means we are constantly listening to our users and delivering products and solutions based on their feedback and needs. As the number of travelers — and the price of hotel reservations — rises, CLC Lodging is releasing new features to simplify planning, booking, and checking in for business travel.

What’s new at CLC Lodging in 2023?

Choose Included Incidentals

The ultimate in incidental flexibility - with this enhancement, administrators can choose which incidentals to always include when travelers make CLC Network hotel reservations (ex: restaurant charges, use of in-room phones for long-distance calls, laundry services, etc.) and which ones to make available to select at the time of reservation (parking for metro areas). Ease travelers' worries about using their own credit card for approved travel expenses and reduce your accounting department’s workload by pre-selecting which incidentals are covered. Contact Member Support to activate.

Alternate Hotels to Save Time

Some hotels with pre-negotiated rates in our network have to be booked by a CLC Lodging team member directly calling, typically within 15 minutes of when members select the hotel. Now, we’re offering the ability for members to add back-up hotels in case their first choice is sold out, saving critical time researching additional hotels when availability is scarce.

Multiple Project Codes

CLC customers like to track…everything. As summer projects pick up, keeping track of travelers, locations, and total spend gets more complicated. Now, all CLC accounts can assign multiple project codes to help keep travel costs assigned to the right teams, divisions, projects, and locations. Contact Member Support to activate.

Late Arrival Notifications

To prevent profit losses from no-shows and cancellations as travel increases, some hotels will overbook, or reserve more total rooms for a certain period than the total rooms available for sale. When hotels overbook, a traveler with a reservation may arrive at check-in to find out that the room they thought they had reserved isn’t available.

To help prevent hotels from giving rooms away, when you make a reservation, you can now add a note for your hotel to let them know you will be arriving late.

Pre-Arrival Emails for Hotels

CLC Lodging has also been testing a new feature for hotels: pre-arrival emails for CLC guests. Hotels will receive an email before a CLC guest arrives to help them keep track of which guests are checking in from CLC, and which have still not checked in to the system. We’re also including help materials in these emails in case new staff members are unfamiliar with CLC for faster check-ins.

Additional Truck Parking Filters

In case you missed it: We also recently rolled out additional truck parking filters. One of our most exciting and frequently requested features, we now make it easier for workforce travelers to find different types of truck parking at hotels. When you make a hotel reservation on CLC’s mobile app, you can now filter by the type of truck parking. Truckers can find the type of parking they need — basic truck, refrigerated truck, or auto-hauler — and hotels with this feature will appear in their results list.

There’s More to Come in 2023

We’re always releasing new features to help members save time and money on travel. Stay tuned throughout the year for exciting new features and updates to optimize your travel program.

Business travel is easier with CLC Lodging.

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