New Mobile App Feature: Search Different Types of Hotel Truck Parking

May 23, 2023 | News

Carriers, fleets and truck drivers, this statistic probably isn’t surprising to you: as of March 2023, there was only one parking spot available for every 11 trucks in the United States. According to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), drivers waste an average of an hour every day trying to secure parking.

In addition to this time lost trying to find a place to park, the lack of parking spots for trucks means that many end up parking on highway shoulders, entrance and exit ramps, vacant lots, and side streets. This creates a safety hazard for both truck drivers and other drivers on the road. Plus, different types of trucks need different sizes or types of spots, and when you book a hotel, you might worry that it won’t have the type you need.

Truck parking is clearly difficult, and it’s an important issue to address to ensure the safety of truck drivers, who could spend that time relaxing or sleeping to recover from a long day of work. Let’s explore the different types of truck parking and a new feature from CLC Lodging that makes finding truck parking easier than ever.

What are the different types of truck parking?

The type of truck parking needed depends on the type of truck you’re driving, whether it’s a normal freight truck, a refrigerated truck, or an auto-hauler.

  • Basic Truck Parking at Hotels: This is needed for normal freight trucks that carry boxed cargo, appliances, furniture, packages, or any other items that don’t need to be moved at a precise temperature.
  • Refrigerated Truck Parking at Hotels: Refrigerated trucks, which are designed to carry perishable items like food, medication, and other goods that need to be kept cold during shipping, often require parking spaces with electricity that can provide the power needed to keep the inside of the truck cold. 
  • Auto-hauler Parking at Hotels: Auto-haulers transport passenger vehicles via truck, usually a semi-truck with a large trailer attached. Auto-haulers are often the largest kind of truck, and require extra parking space.

Finding hotel truck parking is easy with new CLC Lodging filters

To make it easier for workforce travelers to find truck parking at hotels, CLC Lodging is releasing additional hotel search filters for truckers. As a leader in transportation lodging programs, we’ve heard many requests for additional truck parking options.

We’ve heard you! Now, when you search hotel reservations on CLC’s mobile app, you can filter by the type of truck parking you need. Truckers can select the type of parking they need — basic truck, refrigerated truck, or auto-hauler — and hotels with this feature will appear in their results list.

CLC Lodging simplifies every aspect of workforce travel — from truck parking to expense management. Join today to access our comprehensive travel management solutions for free.

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