Business Hotel Amenities Every Corporate Traveler Wants

Apr 19, 2022 | Tips & Resources

While business travel is often necessary, it can still be stressful. Smart business travel hotel owners know that repeat business clientele depends on having amenities that meet the needs of these travelers. Unlike vacationers, who are often looking to “get away from it all,” what business travelers want is to remain connected with their family, home office, local business associates, and coworkers. They also need to get around unfamiliar cities and stay comfortable and healthy while on the road.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity

The primary concern of most business travelers is being able to stay in touch with others. Business hotels should be in an area that has excellent cell phone coverage and offer reliable internet connectivity and Wi-Fi. Slow speeds and spotty connections make it difficult for business travelers to do their jobs and can lead to missed opportunities and damaged client relationships.

Comfortable Space/Desk Space

Business travelers often do a lot of work while at their hotels. Rooms, studios, and suites should have a comfortable desk and chair, ideally in a well-lit area. The desk and chair should be in an area separate from the bed, creating a division between work and relaxation areas. Easy access to electrical outlets is also a must.

Business Services

Look for hotels that offer complimentary and low-cost business services to their guests. Top amenities include:

  • Reliable internet and mobile connectivity in public areas and meeting rooms.
  • Basic business services such as document printing, copying, and faxing. While some of these may seem antiquated, many businesses still use these services.
  • Mailing and package receiving services: Hotels should be able to post mail for guests as well as receive and securely store incoming mail and packages.
  • Private meeting rooms: Private meeting rooms can be a great option for meeting with clients.
  • Lobby area “phone booths”: These are small, soundproof rooms in hotel lobbies ‌you can use to make personal calls. This allows you to do business over the phone without having to return to your guest room.

Convenient Location/Access

Location can be a tricky issue when selecting a business hotel. If you fly into the town where you’ll be doing business, it may be tempting to choose an airport hotel. This could work, but many airports are some distance away from city centers, so be sure to map wherever you plan on spending the most time on business.

Depending on your plans, you may also wish to choose a hotel that has a shuttle back-and-forth from the airport or into town. This can be helpful if you will not be driving your own car or renting a vehicle during your trip. Safety is also a priority: You’ll want to stay in a low-crime neighborhood and ensure that the hotel has plenty of well-lit parking and adequate security.

Fitness Centers

It’s important to not have to give up your wellness routine while traveling. Even a basic fitness center, that includes treadmills and stair steppers, can make a vast difference in how you feel while away from home.

Onsite Restaurant & Bar

In an age of mobile delivery apps, restaurants and bars have become less important when choosing hotels. Still, you might enjoy the convenience of being able to source a beverage or a meal right from your hotel, without having to venture out or search for meal options.

Other things to look for include complimentary buffet or continental breakfasts, breakfast “to go” bags, evening cocktail hours, and coffee and tea service either in your room or in the lobby. These amenities can save money and provide convenience during your stay.

Onsite Convenience Stores

Some hotels have replaced their “gift shops” with 24/7 convenience stores that allow you to purchase sundries, snacks, and frozen or ready-to-eat meals. If you know that you will be arriving in town very early or very late, an on-site convenience store can allow you to prepare something for yourself to eat even if there are a few or no restaurants open.

In-Room Fridge and Microwave

An in-room fridge and microwave allow you to store food, beverages, and temperature-sensitive medication while being able to prepare meals and snacks at your convenience. Many hotels now offer small refrigerators and microwaves in standard guest rooms: You don’t need to book a suite or studio. Be aware, however, that some hotels will only provide these appliances on request, and may have a first-come-first-serve policy.

Grocery Shopping Service

All-suite and extended stay hotels that provide in-room kitchens or kitchenettes to guests may offer a grocery shopping service. Each hotel has its own program, but you might be able ‌to put together a shopping list and have the groceries delivered to your room (and placed into your refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets) before you arrive. Even if your hotel doesn’t have this service, check to see if there are any local grocery delivery companies that can save you a trip to the supermarket.

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