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Jul 13, 2021 | Case Studies

Pat is the CEO of a mid-sized construction company. Business is good, and he regularly sends crews into the field. Crew members are expected to book their own hotel rooms, and despite the company's guidelines which require employees to take cost and convenience into consideration, not everybody understands or complies with them.

Travel Expense Challenges

Making matters more difficult, each employee who travels submits expense reports and invoices to accounting after each trip. Accounting team members did their best but found themselves reviewing reports, receipts, and invoices with a fine-tooth comb, catching errors and trying to balance employee choices with company policy.

Collaborating with CLC

Pat realized that he needed help: he was losing money on poorly-managed travel expenses, and his accounting team was overtaxed. That's why he came to CLC.

Our team spent time talking to Pat to find out about his business, pain points, and goals. Pat explained that he wanted his crew members to continue choosing and booking their rooms, but he also needed to get the time spent on administrative tasks under control.

Leveraging CLC's Network of Hotels

We got to work on a customized plan for Pat's business. We already have a network of hotels with which we've pre-negotiated discounted rates, so we compiled a list of brands and locations that meet the cost guidelines set by Pat and his team. Employees are free to choose from this list of pre-authorized hotels so that they can choose the accommodations that best meet their needs.

The CLC team then helped Pat create a more transparent travel policy that made his expectations easier to understand. Finally, we created a billing audit and travel management system that allowed Pat's accounting team to identify non-compliance with the company's policies quickly. 

Enhanced satisfaction and travel savings

The result? Pat's company has improved its bottom line through travel savings. It has also reduced frustration among both the accounting staff and field crews. Accounting staff resources are no longer stretched, and crew members are happy with their lodging options. 

Learn more about how CLC helps businesses by downloading our case study.

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