Paving Company Travel Savings Case Study

Aug 10, 2021 | Case Studies

Brian worked hard building his paving company, and his efforts were paying off: He was getting a lot of new business and regularly dispatching crews around the midwest. While this was good news, there were some complications that he hadn't anticipated, mostly involving travel.

Every new job required new travel plans and negotiations. Because these trips often took place in different areas, his staff would have to begin the negotiation process from the beginning with various hotel brands. Unfortunately, the administrative staff at Brian's business didn't have the expertise necessary to get the best rates and terms available for each trip.

Making matters more complicated was the fact that jobs did not always take as long as anticipated. In some cases, Brian's team would complete their work and check out of a hotel several days early. Sadly, Brian's company often had to pay for these extra days, even though his team members weren't using them.

Brian was also having difficulty with employee travel management, such as untangling invoices, receipts, and reports from team members. He needed solutions quickly.

When he came to us, our specialists took the time to understand his business and its pain points. We put together a plan that allowed Brian and his team to book lodging through our network of thousands of hotels at pre-negotiated rates. In addition, our specialists were able to work with these hotels to ensure that Brian's team would only be billed for rooms that were actually being used by his team.

We were also able to develop a transparent travel management system that allowed Brian and his accounting teams to review expenses quickly and easily. In addition, this system uses coding to help Brian sort out expense classifications at a glance, rather than having to pore over a lot of paperwork. This, combined with ongoing travel savings, improved Brian's bottom line and allowed him to concentrate on leading his core business.


Do you recognize some of Brian's challenges? Download his case study to learn more.


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