Is Your Lodging Program All Set for 2021?

Jan 28, 2021 | Tips & Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many aspects of travel more unpredictable than ever. Travel advisories and alerts lead to last-minute reservation changes, and sudden ups and downs in the economy can cause financial dilemmas that drain your budget.

CLC makes it easy to manage workforce lodging at every step—from reservations to reporting to reconciliation—even in uncertainty. Here are 10 simple steps to make sure your CLC Membership account is set up and ready to go for 2021.

1. Set your travel policy. Ensure that travel complies with your company policy and keeps your travel expenses within budget. In the portal, click “Users & Settings” and “Hotel Directory Management.”

2. Create cost codes. Track your spending by client or even by project under “My Preferences.” You can set up project codes and notifications to track your lodging costs.

3. Adjust your notification settings. Manage how you receive invoice notifications and select how often you’re notified for CLC credit card transactions under “My Profile.”

4. Make sure your credit cards are up to date. Make sure your credit card information is up-to-date to prevent traveler check-in issues. You can also input up to five cards to have on file and choose your preferred card under “Manage Credit Cards.”

5. Add authorized travelers. Ensure current travelers are authorized under “Employees & Cards”, and don’t forget to review this active employee list often and cancel cards for employees no longer traveling with you.

6. Contact Member Support for your longer-term stays. If a project requires a stay longer than 30 nights, we can help you find corporate housing/apartments. To learn more, contact member support at (866) 857-9747.

7. Monitor your ongoing lodging activity and trends to keep your program on track. Track your project expenses by downloading summary and detail reports, and track recent account activity under “Reports & Invoices.” CLC members can also control costs by booking with CLC Network hotels, which offer the lowest rate 9 times out of 10!*

8. Use CLC’s single-platform travel booking for hotels, flights and car rentals. Simply add a rental car or flight to your hotel reservation while booking lodging, or book transportation by itself, and provide a payment method to pay for your car rental or flight. All reservation details will be available to view under the “Manage” tab on CLC’s portal.

9. Download CLC’s mobile app for real-time check-in support. Travelers now have three options for check-in support when they arrive at a hotel depending on their needs, with options including “My CLC Card is Declining” and “Hotel Needs CrewFax Resent.” Travelers can also contact the Help Hotline from the mobile app, which gives them fast access to CLC’s 24/7/365 support team.

10. Stay informed about travel policies, travel alerts and hotel safety policies. CLC recommends checking each hotel’s safety and cleaning policies, as well as travel alerts and case numbers in each location employees may visit, to help ensure your employees’ safety throughout the pandemic. CLC also has an updated list of our partner hotels’ COVID-19 policies to help companies make informed decisions about workforce travel.

Continue to work toward your lodging program goals in 2021 with CLC Lodging. Contact member support at (866) 857-9747 with any questions about account setup.


*Hotel rate comparisons are based on pricing data supplied to CLC Lodging on over 25,000 actual hotel stays between July 2019 and March 2020. Data results reflect CLC Network Hotel pricing vs Published Rates of exact or comparable hotels for the same exact dates of the hotel stay. Comparable hotels are hotels categorized in the same hotel chain scale and must be located within 10 miles of the provided hotel.


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