Keeping Freight Moving: Trucking and Fleet Logistics in a Post-Pandemic World

Mar 31, 2022 | Tips & Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technology and automation across industries, especially in the logistics industry. As more consumers stayed home and shopped online instead of going into stores, they created a massive demand for goods and services. Supply chains across the world were squeezed by panic buying and increased freight volumes.

As we transition out of the pandemic, leading transporters of goods will need to find new ways to embrace digitization and remain nimble enough to respond to fluctuations in market demand. In our latest white paper, we detail some of the changes we expect to see in trucking and fleet logistics in the post-pandemic world.

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Here’s a quick look at a few of these changes.

What to expect in a post-pandemic world

●      Increase in contactless payments: A travel report from May 2020 found that 67 percent of business travelers surveyed during the pandemic rated contactless payment systems as the most important measure to ensure safe travel. As businesses and travelers stay concerned with duty of care and minimizing physical contact, contact-free technology will continue to surge.

●      Travelers will expect their employers to cover travel expenses: Travel-related expenses like lodging, fuel, and food add up quickly for individual travelers, and paying for these costs with a personal credit card is already a concern for many travelers. Companies should take all possible steps to remove barriers to driver shortages, including the financial strain of incurring costs on a personal card.

●      Digital booking tools will be expected: Mobile booking isn’t just a luxury anymore—it’s a necessity. Travelers expect their employers to provide digital tools to simplify both expenses and booking.

How CLC Lodging can help

CLC Lodging offers a flexible, resilient lodging and expense management program with new technology, from contactless payment options to mobile booking support on the road.

Our travel management solutions include:

●      Advanced expense management and reimbursement tools: CLC members have access to our comprehensive travel and expense management portal, which includes a full suite of payment and expense solutions.

●      Flexible lodging reservations: CLC Lodging’s network offers access to pre-negotiated and discounted hotels nationwide. In addition to lower rates, CLC Network hotels offer flexible cancellation policies that are not typically available.

●      Duty of care and risk management: CLC offers duty of care and risk management tools to help employers keep their travelers safe on the road. Our Traveler Tracking mapping feature lets employers access real-time data about where employees are staying across the country.

Keep on trucking. Read the full white paper here and become a CLC Lodging member for free.


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