What Does CLC Stand for?

May 16, 2023 | News

CLC Lodging covers a wide aspect of lodging and travel needs, but what it really comes down to is Control Lots of Costs. At the end of the day, that’s what we stand for. We save you money directly and indirectly through negotiation, time, auditing, accountability, customer service, reservation changes and cancellations, and much more. Here are the three top ways we provide outstanding service that lives up to our name.

1.   Full service lodging management

It takes a travel manager an average of six hours to book, manage, and find the best rates for a trip at a small to mid-sized company. Existing reservations need to change at least 25 percent of the time. Employees may need assistance before, after, and during the trip, so the travel manager at the company is always on-call, creating a poor work/life balance. And, don’t forget about travel policy adherence and conducting analysis and spending reports. It’s a lot to manage.

When companies use CLC Lodging for their travel needs, they receive full service lodging management. This includes instant access to thousands of pre-negotiated and discounted hotel rates across North America, which can be found by price, location, or featured amenities. It’s quick and easy to book online, via the CLC app, directly with the hotel, or by calling CLC. We even showcase hotel ratings during the booking process from our clients, so you can get a first-hand account of another traveler’s stay.

If your employee needs assistance or has any questions during their trip, our skilled CLC team is available 24/7/365. No more calling the company travel manager after-hours or on weekends.

CLC helps programs adhere to travel policies by centralizing invoicing with cost coding for cost control insights, travel policy rate, location and hotel settings, as well as project negotiations for complex lodging programs. Our clients have total visibility into lodging spending with insights and analysis.

2.   Complex project-based lodging programs

When you’re booking hotel reservations with large crews or multiple locations, things can get chaotic quickly. Erratic project schedules that require complicated bookings can overwhelm travel managers and HR staff, and leave plenty of room for error. If a project needs to start quickly, companies are limited in choice and have little wiggle room with pricing. If you need to cancel at the last minute, end your stay early, or don’t end up using all the rooms you book, chances are you’ll be on the hook for some or all those costs. CLC has flexible cancellation protocols set in place so you don’t overpay.

Most in-house administrative teams don’t have the resources or expertise to get the savings,
locations, or flexibility that CLC Lodging is able to attain. We offer the industry’s leading comprehensive lodging solution for shorter-term, transient stays and complex, long-term projects. We offer multiple levels of service and support as travel programs begin to grow in complexity—from self-service instant hotel booking through our online tools, to full-service support from our lodging experts for your workforce travel projects.

For the more complex project-based lodging programs, CLC negotiates options at any hotel based on your unique project needs, according to your exact policy. We can also provide options to set up corporate housing for stays over 30 nights.

3. Compliance with your company travel policy 

In an effort to prevent hiring additional people for company travel, some companies will let their employees book their own hotels, usually with the guidance of a company travel policy to book on price, then convenience. The reality is that employees don’t always make decisions that save the company money. In fact, 40 percent of U.S. business travelers admit to booking outside their companies’ travel policies.

Arranging travel individually on a personal company card also means that accounting has to deal with hundreds of hotel invoices and a lot of errors—not to mention the unpredictable costs that come with independent booking based on personal preferences. Then there’s the added work of reimbursements if an employee is footing the company travel bills on their own credit card. This inefficient process does the opposite of reducing company costs—it actually costs the company a lot of time and money, and makes planning and budgeting almost impossible.

Finally, you have a responsibility to keep your employees safe when they travel for you. 68 percent of travel managers agree that in times of crisis, traditional corporate management tools aren’t enough to locate travelers who booked directly with suppliers. In case of emergency, you can keep track of your employees while they’re on the road with CLC’s interactive Traveler Tracking map, so you always know where your teams are staying and can provide duty of care.

CLC members booked and stayed nearly 19 million nights last year. Our lodging experts can handle all aspects of your corporate travel, from reservations to providing centralized lodging reporting. Learn more here.

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