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Emergency-proof your business' travel risk management | CLC Lodging

Jun 26, 2019 | Tips & Resources

There’s always some risk of encountering an emergency during travel. A natural disaster could strike unexpectedly. A political or security situation could arise. Travel could be disrupted by an automotive or aircraft accident.

If you had employees on location at a job site during a crisis situation, do you know what you would do to locate them? What if cell phone service was down and you were unable to reach the members of your team?

Because these dangerous situations are always unforeseen, businesses need to plan ahead for potential emergency situations and implement a plan for how they would locate their employees quickly.

In fact, as an employer, you don’t just have a moral or ethical obligation to help your employees while they’re traveling. Companies have a legal obligation to provide safety measures to their company travelers when they are on the road.

What is duty of care?

Duty of care is a company’s moral responsibility and legal obligation to protect the health, safety, and security of its employees. Providing a safe work environment also extends to the time when an employee is traveling on behalf of the company.

Knowing where your employees are and responding

When an emergency happens, part of your duty of care as an employer is being able to locate your employees and respond to help them. That’s why CLC Lodging offers duty of care and risk management tools to help you keep your travelers safe and respond appropriately.

Traveler Tracker mapping feature. Our new traveler activity mapping feature lets employers easily search for travelers’ itineraries from a single portal. In a crisis situation, you can access real-time data about where your employees are across the country by tracking their hotel reservations to see where they are currently staying and viewing upcoming reservations reports to see where they are supposed to go next.

24/7 traveler support and safety. CLC Lodging’s skilled 24/7/365 traveler support center can help employees re-route their travel and find new accommodations quickly in the event of an emergency. No matter the time of day, if something happens, employees can have peace of mind knowing that they will not be stranded.

Contact CLC Lodging to learn more about locating your travelers

Ensuring the safety of your employees is a top priority for all businesses, and CLC Lodging helps you provide duty of care to your employees when they are traveling for business.

Contact us to learn more about our new Traveler Tracker feature and traveler support today.

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