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Add Predictability to your Budget during COVID-19

Dec 04, 2020 | News

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented amount of unpredictability to workforce travel management. The U.S. economy is experiencing turmoil, leading companies to lower their budgets to meet shifting levels of demand. Many travel managers may have to adjust their travel policies to fit these updated company budgets, bringing a new challenge to the already difficult travel management process.

As the pandemic continues, travelers will also face uncertainty while making lodging reservations. Travel advisories and lockdowns may lead to delayed or even cancelled projects and trips, making it more important than ever to control workforce lodging costs.

CLC Lodging offers solutions to companies with teams that travel to control lodging costs and add predictability, even during the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Here’s how you can add predictability to your workforce travel during COVID-19 with CLC Lodging.

1. Book hotels at pre-negotiated and discounted rates. 

CLC members gain access to pre-negotiated, discounted rates at more than 15,000 CLC Network hotels across North America, as well as thousands of additional hotels available through our Expanded Network. Our negotiation team works to make sure that CLC members get the best rates and flexible cancellation policies so in-house administrative teams don’t have to spend their time negotiating. 

2. Ensure travel policy compliance.

CLC members can customize lodging directories to adhere to their exact company travel policy, and enforce controls for rates and locations. Hotel rooms booked with CLC adhere to your travel policy.  

3. Find and book hotels in minutes.

CLC Lodging offers four ways to search and book hotels: online, through our mobile app, directly with the hotel, or by calling CLC.

4. Receive accurate invoices.

Auditing takes time and expertise that most in-house administrative teams don’t have. CLC audits 100% of hotel invoices to check them against the negotiated contract rate before our members ever get the bill. We perform billing audits and hotel authorizations to track and prevent unauthorized charges, and provide centralized, coded billing reports for full program visibility.

5. Measure and control direct and indirect costs. 

Understanding your exact lodging costs can help you optimize your investment in travel. CLC’s comprehensive reporting tools give members the ability to analyze every transaction and spending trend, including hotel usage and reservation activity, and to see reports broken down by dates, locations, divisions and projects.

6. Keep your travelers safe, especially during uncertain times.

The pandemic has increased companies’ focus on duty of care and employee safety. CLC provides Duty of Care tools to help keep travelers safe, including our Traveler Tracker mapping feature, which lets employers easily access real-time data about where their employees are staying across the country. CLC also has an updated list of our partner hotels’ COVID-19 policies to help companies make informed decisions about workforce travel.

Gain control of your workforce lodging costs.

Join CLC Lodging to gain comprehensive workforce lodging management solutions, including the tools and insights you need to reduce lodging costs. Become a member today at


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