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New research: Companies are planning to resume business travel

CLC News | Jun 30

Many companies that cancelled or suspended business trips due to the COVID-19 pandemic are planning to resume travel in the near future, according to a recent study by the Global Business Travel Association. As companies resume travel, however, they want to see increased health and safety guidelines throughout the entire travel process.

Plans to resume travel

GBTA’s study, which includes a total of 1,705 responses from its members across the globe, found that 54% of companies are considering resuming all travel in the near future. Only 14% of member companies reported that they do not plan to resume all travel in the near future, meaning that overall, there will be a large increase in business travel in the coming months.

The companies that are resuming travel are reporting that they are making strategic plans. Around one-third of U.S.-based GBTA member companies said they will resume travel in some states or regions of the country, but continue to limit travel to other areas. Around 40% of respondents, however, said they will wait until they feel comfortable resuming travel anywhere in the country.

What will make companies feel more comfortable about traveler health and safety?

In the survey, GBTA asked companies what steps hotels can implement to decrease concerns about traveler health and safety. A majority, or 80%, of companies answered that hotels should increase cleaning standards to exceed their current cleaning protocols. A little more than half answered that hotels could require employees to wear face masks, and provide additional staff training about COVID-19 sanitary practices and incident reporting.

Other steps that members responded included:

●      Requiring guests wear face masks in common areas

●      Enforcing physical distancing guidelines

●      Providing guests with safety information concerning their hotel stay

●      Placing signs throughout the property to remind guests and employees of best sanitation practices

●      Providing face masks to guests

CLC is here to help

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