Truesdell Corporation Case Study

Jun 14, 2021 | Case Studies

Truesdell Corporation is an award-winning company and nationally recognized leader in the concrete repair industry. Their goal is to help preserve America’s valuable infrastructure, and they accomplish this goal by repairing concrete, concrete restoration, and maintenance.

Truesdell has completed over 10,000 projects and has seen the demand for their services and expertise continue to grow at a rapid pace. That success has meant an increase in hotel needs for their staff as they travel the country. In 2020, employees accounted for upwards of 1,000 nights per month in hotel stays.

With that amount of hotel stays per month, issues are sure to occur without a sound plan and policy in place for employee travel management. Truesdell found themselves facing several challenges as their business expanded. Difficulty in booking quality accommodations for their employees was exacerbated by the time it took to research hotel rooms and negotiate rates.

Employees not only had limited options for lodgings but often felt unsafe in the rooms they stayed in. Having finally had enough of unpredictable rates and accommodations, Truesdell turned to CLC Lodging for solutions on how to reduce corporate travel costs.

CLC’s vast network of hotels and ability to deliver consistent pricing helped Truesdell with travel savings and focus on the task of running their business. 

To learn more about how CLC Lodging streamlined the booking process for Truesdell—and how it can do so for you—download the case study.

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