May 14, 2021 | Case Studies

Mid-American Machine & Equipment Inc. is a respected industrial service solutions provider specializing in supporting the rubber and plastics industries. Its sales teams and technicians travel the country to represent the company and provide client services. As you might imagine, coordinating itineraries for large numbers of employees, some of whom had to travel on short notice to address emergencies, often requires an entire department of its own.

Therein was the problem: Mid-American is an expert in industrial service, yet the company found itself spending time and money searching for accommodations, booking hotel stays, and wrangling invoices and expense reports. Employees were also frustrated: Instead of doing their jobs, they were spending way too much time handling travel arrangements and waiting for reimbursement. 

Eventually, Mid-American’s leadership realized that it was missing out on opportunities because its financial and human resources focused on something that had nothing to do with its mission or purpose. Missed opportunities are costly and, over time, can cause significant damage to operations. Mid-American came to CLC and asked for help.

After spending some time learning about Mid-American and its needs, our team got to work. We developed a process that allows Mid-American’s team to book rooms from a pre-approved list of hotels. Also, we negotiated consistent discounts with these hotels, which ended up saving Mid-American a lot of money over the ten years that they’ve worked with us. 

Our plan also made it much easier for Mid-American to process payments to hotels and employee expense reports. This allowed Mid-American to make better use of accounting staff time while also improving morale among team members who travel frequently.

Want to learn more about how we were able to help Mid-American Machine & Equipment? Download our case study here.

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